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BOSDET FAMILY (maternal grandfather)

The Bosdet family, originally from the Channel Islands in France, later moving to Canada and then Mexico. The family were from the Island of Jersey, off the French coast of Normandy, where the family history formally started. Pierre Bosdet and Susanne Amy from Grouville, Jersey, France, had three sons Peter, Thomas, and George and were the first Bosdet’s to move to Arichat, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1842. Their son Peter Bosdet married Mary Ann Fixxot DeCarteret (Hanna Jaff’s great-great-great grandparents), she was also originally from Jersey, France and daughter of Dr. Charles Fixott, the first physician of Arichat.

Peter Bosdet and Mary Fixxot had seven children, both were big philanthropist and involved in social causes for the less fortunate. In fact, their contribution was so great that St. John, an Anglican Church, still has a stained glass window on which their names are visible, and also the road they used to live on was named “Bosdet Point” in the memory of the family.  Their eldest son Charles Henry Bosdet Fixxot (Hanna Jaff’s great-great grandfather), was the first to be born in North America in Bosdet history, being born in Nova Scotia, Canada. He graduated in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and soon after that joined a Swedish telephone company, Ericsson.

Charles Henry Bosdet’s job brought him to Mexico, as he was tasked with establishing the first telephone in the country. During the government of Porfirio Diaz, he established the first telephone line between Castle of Chapultepec and National Palace on February 16, 1878 and then went on to establish around 5000 lines more in the Mexico. He also actively participated in the community and social work, after all, philanthropy and altruism run in the Bosdet family.

Soon after Charles Henry Bosdet Fixxot settled in the city of Puebla, Mexico, he met Susana Miller, the daughter of an Englishman from Manchester, they married and had three children- Ernesto Nieves (Hanna Jaff’s great grandfather), Carlos, and Enrique.

All three children of Charles Henry Bosdet Fixott worked initially in the mines of Zacatecas before parting ways to pursue their own respective dreams. His eldest son, Ernesto, left Puebla for Mexico City, where he married Virginia Quirós Labastida, and worked at the Pullman Railway Company. Carlos, his second son, moved to Victoria, Canada with his wife and children, his third son Enrique moved to Monterrey- got married but had no children.

Ernesto and Virginia, had five children: Virginia, Susana, Enrique, Carlos Manuel (Hanna Jaff’s grandfather) and Ernesto. Carlos Manuel Bosdet Quiros born in Mexico City where he met Josefina Luz González Chávez from Chihuahua and had five children including: Martha Estela, Susana Lilia, Lilia Laura (Hanna Jaff’s mother), Diana Velia, and Carlos Enrique. Carlos Manuel Bosdet Quirós was a businessman and entrepreneur. It was not until late 1950s that they decided to move to Tijuana, Baja California where the family still lives today.

This is just a short summary of the Bosdet Family, below you will find National Archives of Tlaxcala- Mexico, family tree, memorials, articles, videos, museum acknowledgments, photographs, and documents.

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On July 26, 2014 at the Historical Archive of Tlaxcala, which contains the history of negotiations phone from my great great grandfather Charles H. Bosdet.

On July 29, 2014 was the memorial of my great great grandfather Charles Henry Bosdet, who brought and introduced the first phone to Mexico. The month of August the exhibition will be at the Museum of Palacio de Cortes in Cuernavaca, Morelos.




Enrique Nieves Bosdet

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