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GONZALEZ FAMILY (maternal grandmother)

The Gonzalez family, originally from Santander, Spain, emigrated to Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico and other parts of the country.

Although the family tree, if traced to its actual origin may require years of research and can go back to several generations. We start this summary from Chihuahua, Mexico where Francisco Pérez- Gonzalez Arzaga Damian (1860-1914) and Teresa Torres Minda (1862-1936) got married (Hanna Jaff great great grandparents), who then continued the growth of family tree till now, all the way to Hanna Jaff. Francisco Gonzalez and Teresa Minda managed to establish their name in the field of politics. The couple had five children, one of the sons Francisco Damian Gonzalez dedicated their lives to politics and trading. He moved quickly in his career and from becoming Director of Customs in Baja California, Veracruz, Chihuahua, and Veracruz all to clinching the title of governor of Chihuahua, a Mexican state. Also, served as City Mayor of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Francisco’s Gonzalez Perez Arzaga and Teresa Minda’s second son, Jesus Narzizo Gonzalez, was also involved in politics, and one of the most prolific and dynamic Senators and Congressman of his time. His volunteer work in the Revolutionary Movement and his position as the director of ESTO, a renowned newspaper chains in Mexico City in 1941. Francisco Gonzalez Perez Arzaga and Teresa Mindas thirds son, Angel Gonzalez Perez Arzaga Minda (Hanna Jaff great grandfather) was a businessman, and merchant.  He married Eloisa Chavez Villalpando and had nine children, including Josefina Luz Gonzalez Chaves (Hanna’s grandmother).

Josefina Luz Gonzalez Chavez married Carlos Manuel Bosdet Quiros from Mexico City (Hanna’s maternal grandparents). They had five children including: Martha Estela, Susana Lilia, Lilia Laura (Hanna Jaff’s mother), Diana Velia, and Carlos Enrique.  The Gonzalez family has a history in politics, diplomatic services, trade, business, and others.

This is just a short summary of the Gonzalez Family, below you can read more and find a family tree, books, reports, newspaper articles, letters, articles,  photographs, and documents.

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Francisco D. Gonzalez


Collecting information and reports




Francisco Damian Gonzalez Perez-Arzaga Minda
City Mayor of Juarez, Mexico in 1918


Newspaper article from El Paso Herald written about Francisco D. Gonzalez


Gonzalez Family


Hanna’s grandparents-

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