1. Life can only be measured on the basis of the way you transcend in other peoples lives.
  2. It doesn’t matter what city, district, state, or country—my purpose is to serve any human being.
  3. The best day of your life is made by you.
  4. Don’t befriend today’s leaders; befriend those who will lead tomorrow.
  5. God has given me everything, and he is the one who gives me the strength to wake up every day.
  6. Be grateful for every bad experience, because they make you capable of so much more.
  7. It doesn’t matter where or who I’m with, there is only one person who has my heart.
  8. Success is knowing how many people have a better life because you exist. If you manage to improve at least one persons’ life, then you had a successful life.
  9. Close the book, write the next chapter of your story.
  10. There is no such thing as my suffering or your suffering—we all suffer and move on.
  11. There are situations that take the heart out of you, and others that put it back.
  12. The best degree is to travel.
  13. We should all speak two languages; the language to communicate and the language to understand the signs of life.
  14. After a negative experience, you will always be stronger, wiser, smarter, more experienced, and less trusting.
  15. A family, a job, a society, and a country must be bettered, because you are in it.
  16. Someone once told me, “Prepare yourself to live an extraordinary life. I pass it on to you.”
  17. Never let go of the people who don’t have a reason to love you.
  18. Never waste a second with a Marilyn, when you can spend your life with a Jackie…
  19. Never be too sure of knowing someone or think that something is secured.
  20. Speak up and make it worthwhile. Your voice and knowledge are your most powerful assets.
  21. Wherever you go, whenever you can, contribute to making a difference.
  22. The greatest satisfaction in life is not when you are named undersecretary or win an award; it comes when a youngster tells you—when I grow up, I want to be just like you.
  23. Education gives you knowledge, intelligence gives you respect, and ability gets you there, but character takes you to the top.
  24. For someone who is interested, there is never an excuse.
  25. If I was in Eve’s place, I’m pretty sure I would have also bitten the apple.
  26. Every interaction, opportunity, conversation is a learning experience.
  27. Don’t go to sleep and dream—wake up and live the dream.
  28. Being a good person attracts other good people—good calls good and success.
  29. The education you give your children will be reflected in the future of your country.
  30. All of us are important, and we all learn from one other. We should follow people who help us grow and become better human beings.
  31. Sometimes, your nearest friends are the farthest, and your farthest friends are the nearest.
  32. Anywhere you might be, turn a place into a home. Be the pillar that holds family and friends together.
  33. The pitfall about being a philanthropist and having two ethnicities is that half the people will never be happy with what you do.
  34. The girl that bullied you when you were 13 will contact you 15 years later asking for friendship, a job, or some help. My word of advice—help her.
  35. No matter what nationality, no matter which living being, no matter what cause, no matter which place, no matter what time—helping others is all that matters.
  36. Wherever or whoever you might be, know that I pray for you every day.
  37. Make a difference, and you make an example.
  38. It takes a real man, a strong man, a confident man, to accept and love the very core of who you truly are.
  39. Traveling changes you. The more you see, the more you understand, the more you compare, the more you suffer.