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Bosdet family (maternal grandfather)

  The Bosdet family is French origin and after transiting through different regions of Europe and later the United States, they arrived to Mexico.

The beginning

 In 1703, from France, the Bosdet’s arrived to the island of Jersey, Normandy, located in the French Channel a few kilometers from the northern coast of France. Where Pierre Bosdet married Susanne Amy in Grouville, Jersey, France.

The arrival to America

 Pierre and Susanne had three children- Peter, Thomas and George, who emigrated in 1842 to Arichat, Nova Scotia, Canada leaving Europe. Thomas and George died leaving no family, but Peter Bosdet married Mary Ann Fixott, daughter of Dr. Charles Fixott, the first physician in Arichat, Nova Scotia, Canada.

His family consists of seven children; they were very active in the community, in schools and in religious activities. The Anglican Church there called St. John shows a stained glass window with their names.

They also built a house on a small peninsula, and now the road leading to it has the name ” Bosdet Point”, in their memory.

The eldest of seven children, Charles Henry Bosdet, was the first born in the America. He studied and graduated as an electrical engineer at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, at the age of 21 he was employed by the telephone company Ericsson.

Presence in the country

 When the first telephones were installed in Mexico, replacing the previous half of long-distance communication the telegraph, the first line to be established was at the Castle of Chapultepec National Palace on February 16, 1878 during the government of Porfirio Diaz. At the end of the century there were five thousand units across Mexico. This growth prompted the company Ericsson, formed in Stockholm, Sweden, which decided to invest in Mexico.

Ericcson is what brought Charles Henry Bosdet to Mexico, who initially settled in the city of Puebla. It is in Mexico where he met and married Susana Miller, daughter of English Manchester originally from England.

Charles Henry Bosdet, who became known as ” Carlos ” is credited to have installed the first telephone lines in different states of Mexico.

Charles Henry Bosdet had three children: Ernesto (1883), Carlos (1887) and Henry (1893). In 1893, he was still very young, died due to complications from a wound received while he was bull fighting at the age of thirty- six years.

His sons Ernesto and Enrique worked at the Pullman railway company; while Carlos did the same in the mines of Zacatecas, later immigrating to Canada with his wife and children and reside in Victoria Island, British Columbia.

Ernesto married but had no family. He lived up to his last days in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

Enrique left Puebla, moved and married in Mexico City with Virginia Quirós Labastida and had five children: Virginia, Susana, Enrique, Carlos Manuel  (Hanna’s grandfather) and Ernesto. By the late 1950s, the family left the city and moved to Tijuana, Baja California where they still live today.


 Carlos Manuel Bosdet Quirós (Hanna ‘s maternal grandfather) was born in Mexico City on April 13, 1928 and was the fourth child of five of Carlos Henry Bosdet Miller and Virginia Quirós Labastida. At age 20 he married Josephine ” Finy ” González Chávez, with whom he had five children: Martha, Susy, Lily (Hanna’s mother), Diana, and Carlos.

Carlos Manuel Bosdet Quirós was a hardworking man with great entrepreneurial vision.  In 1970 he opened the doors to Bosdet Decoration in Tijuana. He always managed to keep the family united, with great determination to make a difference. He died on May 19, 2012.

In July 29, 2014 was the memorial of my great great grandfather Charles Henry Bosdet, who brought and introduced the first phone to Mexico. The month of August the exhibition will be at the Museum of Palacio de Cortes in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

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On July 26, 2014 at the Historical Archive of Tlaxcala, which contains the history of negotiations phone from my great great grandfather Charles H. Bosdet.

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Enrique Nieves Bosdet

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