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The Gonzalez family originated in Santander, Spain, emigrated to Mexico and settled in Chihuahua, Chihuahua and other parts of the country.

The marriage of Francisco Pérez- González Arzaga Damian (1860-1914) and Teresa Minda (1862-1936), both originally from Chihuahua, Chihuahua, had five children, were devoted to trade.

The first son, Francisco Damian Pérez- González Arzaga Minda, was director of customs in Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Veracruz and Laredo. He was also mayor of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and Acting Governor of Chihuahua, Chihuahua.

The second daughter, Josefa González Pérez- Arzaga Minda (1885-1971) married, had a son, Francisco Jesus  Cuéllar González.

Third, Jesus Narzizo González Pérez- Arzaga Minda (1887-1971) was a Senator and Federal Deputy, Director of the newspaper chain ESTO of Mexico City in 1941. Also fought with the revolutionary movement in the defense of Ciudad Juarez.. He had three children: Jorge Gonzalez Corral. Josefina González and María Luisa González Corral Corral .

The fourth of the children, Trinidad González Pérez. Arzaga Minda (1889-1939), is devoted to livestock in the state of Sonora. No married, no children.

Ángel González Pérez Arzaga Minda (1891-1970), the fifth child of the family, was married Eloisa Chavez Villalpando. They had a family of nine children. Customs Don Angel was seen in Juarez, Tijuana, Mexicali and Nogales. Was also merchant, owned several businesses selling groceries and liquor and drug stores in Paso Texas it was dealer phonograph records and musical instruments.

The first son of the family, Angel Julio Gonzále Chavez (1913-1982) married Magdalena Ruiz Rascon, had two children: Angel Carlos Gonzalez Ruiz-Rascon, who married with Gloria Soto Julieta Hernandez, with whom he had two children: Luis Ernesto González Soto Soto and Cristina Gonzalez.

He graduated as a nuclear physicist, but never practiced, is currently engaged in the translation and worked in the U.S. Embassy, and Luis Enrique González Rascon – Ruiz who is a teacher.

The second son, Francisco González Patricio Chavez (1915-1977) married Nuncio Olivia Martinez. He had no family. He went to work to Azucar S.A., thanks to his father’s partner, Mr. Calderon, who put it there because I knew Aaron Saenz (owner of Azucar S.A.).

Guillermo José González Chávez(1917-1964), the third of the children, married Margaret Möhrstedt Schivoska; had a family with four children: Guillermo Edmundo Gonzále Möhrstedtz (18 Dic 1947 -may 2015), who married with Carmen, who had three children: Monica Gonzalez, who had two children, Angelica Gonzalez, who had 3 children and Guillermo Gonzalez, he had no family; Margarita Eloisa González Möhrstedt (1949 – ), who married with Armando Diaz Garay, with whom she had two children: Armando Diaz Möhrstedt, who had a daughter and Ana Carolina Möhrstedt Diaz, who had a son; Rosa Maria Gonzalez (1950-Unknown), she had no family; and Ricardo Federico A. González Möhrstedt (3/SEP/1951-11/JUL/15), he had 4 children: Ricardo, Linda and 2 other girls which their names are unknown. Whole family are bankers.

Maria Luisa González Chávez(1919-1968) married  Angel Horacio Díaz Bonola, had two children: Angel Horacio Díaz González who was Navy Captain, and Martha Eugenia Díaz González who was bilingual secretary .

The fifth child of the family,  Edmundo Victor González Chávez (1921-1975) married Concepción Chávez Sigler, had six children:  Edmundo Victor González Chávez, civil engineer; Armando Javier González Chávez, doctor, Arturo Octavio González Chávez, surgeon, Socorro González Chávez, who died at 24 years; Eloisa Gonzalez Chavez, medical veterinary and owns a laundromat; and Concepcion Gonzalez Chavez, scrub nurs. The brothers emigrated to the United States in 1985 o’1987 first they migrated to San Francisco, then they went to Los Angeles, from there they went to Iowa and again returned to Los Angeles, except Concepción.

The sixth brother, Armando Manuel González Chávez (1923-1986) had no family. Teresa Estela Gonzalez Chavez(1925-1996), had no family.

Jesus Abraham González Chávez( 1928 – ) married Eleanor Bending García Granados, had no family, currently married with Martha Patricia Vega Montes de Oca (descendant of Fernando Montes de Oca, one of the heroes children).

Finally, the grandmother of Hanna Jaff Bosdet is Light Josefina Gonzalez Chavez( 1931 – ) married Carlos Manuel Bosdet Quiros, had a family with five children: Martha Estela Bosdet Gonzalez, Susana Lilia Bosdet Gonzalez, Lilia Laura Bosdet Gonzalez( Hanna mom ), Diana Bosdet Velia Gonzalez and Carlos Enrique Bosdet Gonzalez.

The other side of the family, José Vicente  Chavez Montelongo (1870 -) and Luisa Villalpando Martínez( 1871-1915) both also originating in Santander Spain, emigrated to Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. Mr. José Vicente was engineer structures, among which the Hotel Plaza in El Paso, Texas, Forth lisst in Texas and Kansas City.

The couple had six children: Francisco Chavez Villalpando (1891 -), worked in a steeler in the state of Texas and died because an accident at work, which for wanting to save 2 other workers who accidentally fell into the liquid iron also fell; Eloisa Chavez Villalpando( 1893-1947), married Ángel González Pérez- Arzaga Minda( Hanna grandparents ); 

Francisca Chavez Villalpando(1895-1971) married Daniel Minjares Perea (born in Sacramento, California, USA) (descendant of Santander, Spain), had five children: Daniel Minjares Chavez, who married Maria Luisa Delgado and had 5 children: Daniel Minjares Delgado, Orlando Minjares Delgado, Maria Antonieta Minjares Delgado and 2 other twin daughters which names unknown; Ibo Minjares Chavez, who had 2 children: Ibo Minjares Gutierrez and another daughter; Cristina Minjares Chavez, who married Enrique Castillo (mechanical engineer), had 4 children: Irma Castillo Minjares, Enrique Castillo Minjares, Roberto Castillo Minjares and Cristina Castillo  Minjares; Plinio Minjares Chávez, he had two daughters; and Delia Minjares Chávez, who had a son.

Maria Chavez Villalpando(1902-1971) was the fourth child of the marriage, who married with a Aleman doctor (of El Paso, Texas) and had a son.

Ignacio Chavez Villalpando (1906-1970), he was the fifth child. It’s known that was an electrician, had two daughters.

José Chávez Villalpando (1908 – 1973), was born in Kansas City, then went to Coahuila, was sick and return to El Paso, Texas (he died there), It’s also known that was mining engineer and had two daughters.


Francisco D. González


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Francisco Damian González Pérez-Arzaga Minda

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City Mayor of Juarez, Mexico in 1918

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Newspaper article from El Paso Herald written on Francisco D. Gonzalez

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