1. If you complain, it’s only because you care; if you didn’t, you wouldn’t do so.

2. Don’t make wrong decisions based on the pressure of your age.

3. People should be judged by virtue of their achievements and professional life, not by gossip or their personal life.

4. It doesn’t matter where or who I’m with, there is only one person who has my heart.

5. That moment when you are down and the only person you want to call is the one person you can’t.

6. I’m not a party girl, but I have always enjoyed watching it.

7. I’m not the friend you call to have fun with, but I will be the friend you call in times of need.

8. No matter what comes your way, the people who love you will always love you either way and the people who hate you will hate you either way.

9. When you have many admirers, you can be certain that few people know you—when you have many haters, you can be certain that many people know you.

10. Stop thinking about your mistakes, when your accomplishments are higher.

11. We hear so many versions of ourselves—the truth is always the least popular one.

12. Most people will just observe, judge, and criticize from a distance, because they don’t have the courage to do it themselves.

13. Time will cure you, but you can cure time yourself.

14. Don’t be ashamed about what somebody else has done to you.

15. Early in life, you have to go through three strong punches, that way anything that comes after will just be a scratch.

16. A summer love could be more significant than a fiancé; a stranger could love you more than family; and, an acquaintance could be more supportive than a friend.

17. You can mistakenly choose the wrong job, career, school, or even friends but never your life partner.

18. You will put a lot of effort to be successful, and, as a punishment, it will be much harder to find a life partner.

19. If you want to dedicate your life to helping people and, in exchange, be called a liar and thief, you should become a politician.

20. Life can only be measured on the basis of the way you transcend in helping other people’s lives.

21. The perfect match is the one who lets you be you.

22. Never promise two things to a girl if you cannot fulfill it—that you will love her forever, that you will support her dream job.

23. Let politics be in your life, not your life in politics.

24. Don’t let politics change you—you change politics.

25. Don’t be impressed by words, be impressed by facts and results.

26. It doesn’t matter what city, district, state, or country—my purpose is to serve any human being.

27. The best day of your life is made by you.

28. Conflict will be solved with the help of ideas, proposals, discussions, dialogs, and team work.

29. The education you give your children will be reflected in the future of your country.

30. All of us are important, and we all learn from one other. We should follow people who help us grow and become better human beings.

31. Don’t befriend today’s leaders; befriend those who will lead tomorrow.

32. God has given me everything, and he is the one who gives me the strength to wake up every day.

33. Be grateful for every bad experience, because they make you capable of so much more.

34. Success is knowing how many people have a better life because you exist. If you manage to improve at least one persons’ life, then you had a successful life.

35. Close the book, write the next chapter of your story.

36. There is no such thing as my suffering or your suffering—we all suffer and move on.

37. There are situations that take the heart out of you, and others that put it back.

38. We should all speak two languages; the language to communicate and the language to understand the signs of life.

39. After a negative experience, you will always be stronger, wiser, smarter, more experienced, and less trusting.

40. A family, a job, a society, and a country must be bettered, because you are in it.

41. Someone once told me, “Prepare yourself to live an extraordinary life. I pass it on to you.”

42. Never let go of the people who don’t have a reason to love you.

43. Never waste a second with a Marilyn, when you can spend your life with a Jackie…

44. Never be too sure of knowing someone or think that something is secured.

45. Speak up and make it worthwhile. Your voice and knowledge are your most powerful assets.

46. Wherever you go, whenever you can, contribute to making a difference.

47. The greatest satisfaction in life is not when you are named undersecretary or win an award; it comes when a youngster tells you—when I grow up, I want to be just like you.

48. Politics is like a shark tank—you either bite or get bitten.

49. Education gives you knowledge, intelligence gives you respect, and ability gets you there, but character takes you to the top.

50. For someone who is interested, there is never an excuse.

51. If I was in Eve’s place, I’m pretty sure I would have also bitten the apple.

52. Every interaction, opportunity, conversation is a learning experience.

53. Don’t go to sleep and dream—wake up and live the dream.

54. Being a good person attracts other good people—good calls good and success.

55. Sometimes, your nearest friends are the farthest, and your farthest friends are the nearest.

56. Opt to have a group of friends where each person brings something different to the table but with the same values as your own.

57. Anywhere you might be, turn a place into a home. Be the pillar that holds family and friends together.

58. The pitfall about being a philanthropist and having two ethnicities is that half the people will never be happy with what you do.

59. The girl that bullied you when you were 13 will contact you 15 years later asking for friendship, a job, or some help. My word of advice—help her.

60. No matter what nationality, no matter which living being, no matter what cause, no matter which place, no matter what time—helping others is all that matters.

61. Wherever or whoever you might be, know that I pray for you every day.

62. Make a difference, and you make an example.

63. It takes a real man, a strong man, a confident man, to accept and love the very core of who you truly are.

64. Chess is like politics. Choose a color, engage in team work, think strategically, make careful moves—sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

65. Traveling changes you. The more you see, the more you understand, the more you compare, the more you suffer.

66. Just because our friends our living one thing, doesn’t mean that we should be living it too.

67. The more you travel, the more you see, the more you have to compare to, and the more understanding you are toward others.


Attaining Success

  1. Many people you used to call your friends will become distant; however, you will make many new friends who share your interests along the way.
  2. People who don’t know you will hate you.
  3. You won’t be interested in meaningless friendships that will take you nowhere.
  4. Other people’s interests will make them turn their back on you, and they will try to make you fail as soon as you acquire success.
  5. Fame, superficiality, and gossip come with success.
  6. You will become cold.
  7. Others will judge you by your age and gender.
  8. You will experience loneliness. Your hopes will be shoot up and down most of the time.
  9. You will live under constant pressure because of people’s high expectations, making you question yourself why you do it nevertheless.
  10. If you leave today, another will come tomorrow.
  11. You will set your emotions aside and stop trusting people.
  12. Business lunches and dinners will become a part of your daily routine. You will no longer be able to make time for yourself, and life will become an agenda.
  13. Timing is everything. You must know when to be somewhere and when not to be.
  14. All your friends back home will be getting married, and you will be focused on your career.
  15. Your personal life will no longer be your priority.
  16. You are so focused on living for others that you forget about yourself.
  17. You will make many mistakes, and what you do will never be enough. People will criticize what you do and what you don’t, even when they don’t understand it.
  18. If you stand out, people will talk—good and bad.
  19. You will constantly find yourself proving to your superiors that you are a competent person, making you wonder why they don’t see it already.
  20. Overachiever’s sight fosters fears and side effects.
  21. People will not give you credit for your own success and may think that your success is based upon someone else’s intervention.
  22. You will miss the birth and first smile of your new family members as well as the important events in your friends’ lives.
  23. During the initial years of your career, you will spend more than you earn.
  24. Only a few people will truly be happy for you.
  25. You will come across unfaithful men and will need to set boundaries, as it is probable that you will experience sexual harassment, especially from older and married man.
  26. Most of the men your age will be intimated by you, and many will step away because you are so independent.
  27. You will have two lives—the one everyone thinks you have and the real one. Very few people will actually care about who you truly are.
  28. People will automatically think you are the girlfriend or mistress of someone important. Rumors will circulate about you, and your heart will break when your friends believe those lies.
  29. More than half of the people you started working with are no longer around and people will take advantage of you; this will teach you the true meaning of loyalty.
  30. You will receive different advice from superiors all the time and not know whose counsel to follow.
  31. Majority of female colleagues will envy you.
  32. You will encounter people who are not pursuing their jobs for the right intentions.
  33. You will realize that people dislike seeing you succeed, and they await your failure.
  34. The higher you get, the greater responsibilities you will shoulder.
  35. You will witness true suffering about how most of the world lives. This will make you feel helpless, impotent, and desperate.
  36. You will learn the importance of teamwork and being a part of it.
  37. You will become addicted to success. With every goal you accomplish, you will set three new ones.
  38. Even your vacations and weekends will become work days, and the days when you aren’t working will be dull and boring.
  39. You will discover the importance of punctuality.
  40. You will see how small the world actually is.
  41. You will learn to be happy and only depend on yourself; you will become much stronger than you are.
  42. Every day, you will learn something new, and it will bring a challenge along with it.
  43. You will expect nothing from others and become very demanding of yourself.
  44. You will learn to explain your opinions by being clear and detailed to ensure that whoever is listening will understand.
  45. You will find that people with more enemies are most successful—know and love your enemy.
  46. You will forget your true age, since you feel twice as old, and you will prefer sleep to going out.
  47. You will learn the true value of education.
  48. True friendships will nourish you and help you along the way.
  49. The stress will be overwhelming, and you will cry a lot.
  50. Improvisation will no longer be an issue, and you will learn to discuss numerous topics.
  51. You will read and watch the news every day.
  52. Drama and issues you cared about previously will no longer matter to you.
  53. Fulfilling your goals becomes a full-time job.
  54. Your intentions are what make you real, and that’s my purpose, to make you face the real world.
  55. You will develop a profound respect for your superiors and people who have dedicated their life as public servants.
  56. You will gain people’s respect, and they will ask for your advice based on your experiences and global vision.
  57. You will feel alive, satisfied, and accomplished.
  58. You will realize that you exert more influence than you thought and will try to motivate indolent people.
  59. You will be proud of who you are and what you represent to others.
  60. You will become a role model for youths, allowing you to bring about change in people’s lives.
  61. People you don’t know will reach out to you on a daily basis.
  62. Your self-esteem, ego, and confidence will grow.
  63. You will want to do so much but won’t have enough time.
  64. You will need staff members who truly believe in you and care for you.
  65. Perseverance, willingness, and knowledge are the keys to success.